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FIO makes crypto easy by replacing all of your public wallet addresses with a single, secure,  crypto handle.

Use this single crypto handle to send, receive, or request any type of crypto as easily as sending an email.

FIO News

Consolidating FIO Protocol news & information from Twitter, Discord and the FIO Foundation.


9/20/23 is live! Check out the all new FIO website.

9/20/23 You can now stake FIO on the new FIO website staking page.

8/20/23 Tune in August 22 6pm UTC FIO & XECRET join forces DON’T MISS IT!

3/13/23 SecuX Wallet partners with FIO Protocol to Enhance the User’s Experience!

3/10/23 FIO Reached the One Million Crypto Handles registration milestone!

2/14/23 FIO Domains are live on OpenSea!

2/9/23 Altaira Giveaway: Win a special @excalibur FIO Domain!

1/30/23 MEGA ANNOUNCEMENT: FIO Domains are LIVE on Polygon!

12/18/22 FIO is live on Pillar! (both on Android & iOS)

12/14/22 Dopamine Partners with FIO Protocol to Enhance the User’s Experience!

12/13/22 New partnership with! You can now sign your Orbison with FIO NFT Signatures & protect it from NFT fraud

12/13/22 TWITTER SPACE ALERT: Tune in for a Twitter Space with our partner, Orbis86, and get to learn what the FIO x Orbis86 partnership means to building a better #web3 & #NFT space!

12/10/22 $1000 FIO NFT Signatures Contest: Make a video either on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram explaining how to sign your NFT w/ FIO NFT Signatures on AirNFTs.

12/09/22 FIO is LIVE on  MyCointainer users can now register a crypto handle for FREE via FIO Dashboard, and use it to send/receive any crypto instead of long wallet addresses!

9/5/22 SWFT Partners with FIO Protocol to Make Sending Crypto as Easy as Sending an Email

9/5/22 In collaboration w/ our exchange partner,, FIO is giving away a total of 20,000 FIO to 100 winners!

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SecuX adds Full FIO Protocol Support

Creating your own custom FIO Crypto Handle!

SecuX, a well-known blockchain security company and manufacturer of cryptocurrency hardware wallets, has integrated the FIO Protocol in partnership with FIO. The FIO Protocol offers a more streamlined way to use cryptocurrencies while significantly reducing the risk of errors.

SecuX users can now enjoy the benefits of the FIO Protocol by creating their own custom FIO Crypto Handle, which replaces the need to handle complex public wallet addresses. For instance, a user can create a simple and human-readable wallet name on the @secux domain, such as jane@secux.

In addition, SecuX users can create and purchase custom domains and custom Crypto Handles with their custom domains. This feature allows users to buy their last name as a domain and create custom crypto handles for each family member in the format of firstname@lastname.

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SecuX has also integrated other functionalities such as FIO Send, FIO Receive, FIO Staking, and FIO token support. With FIO Send, users can easily withdraw and send any cryptocurrency without copying and pasting long string public addresses.

Instead, FIO Send replaces the long string public key address with a simple, human-readable address known as a FIO Crypto Handle, such as firstname@lastname or janedoe@secux.

FIO to USD Converter

FIO Worker Proposals

FIO’s vision is to operate as a transparent, community-run DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Consortium) in which token holders have influence over the future of the FIO protocol.

The Active Worker Proposals are managed by the FIO Steering Committee and the proposals are written by the workers themselves.



Block Producers

What is a Block Producer?
Block producers run the infrastructure necessary to run the FIO blockhain, and play a major role in the governance of the chain. Those holding FIO Tokens choose the block producers through vote.

Who are the Block Producers?
Anybody can register to be a block producer (BP) and produce blocks if they receive enough votes. The top 21 active BPs and up to 21 stand-by BPs will be paid – the pool of the 42 total BPs are determine by number of vote. 

Block Producer Performance Metrics

FIO Development Resources

FIO can only succeed if the protocol is integrated in to YOUR product & services. If your’e a developer of a blockchain application  implementation details, API Specs, and SDKs, FIO has an extensive Developer Portal.

What makes FIO different?

Similar to other crypto-naming projects FIO supports sending and receiving crypto but FIO can seamlessly support ANY blockchan.

FIO also enables your ability to request payments, this is critical when incorporating crypto-payments in to your businuss processes. Sending an invoice (payment request) is native to the protocol and integration is easy and FIO  metadata can be attached to any transaction on any blockchain.

Are you new to FIO?

Enjoy this explainer video from the FIO Foundation.
Sending Crypto using FIO
  1. Choose the FIO address (If you have more than one).
  2. Select your cryptocurrency.
  3. Enter the amount.
  4. Enter the recepients FIO address.
  5. Send your crypto!
Recieving Crypto with FIO
  1. Share your Fio address.
  2. Recive your crypto!
Requesting Crypto with FIO

1. Open your wallet (BTC, ETH, etc) & choose Request.

2. Select FIO Request option.

3. Enter the FIO address.

4. Click Send Request. 

That’s it!


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