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Anyone Can Acquire FIO Tokens.

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If your current Exchange does not support FIO trading pairs, fear not. There are a number of easy and convenient ways to acquire FIO tokens without needing an account on a a crypto-exchange. KYC can be a hassle for some people so if you want to grab some FIO tokens here are a few simple ways to make it happen.

1.The in-wallet swap ability within the Edge wallet. Edge makes it super easy to swap all sorts of tokens for FIO with the added bonus of getting a free FIO address (FIO name), it’s easy to setup and makes sending, receiving and requesting cryptocurrency safe and easy. My FIO name is brad@edge, feel free to send me some crypto!

2. supports swaps for the FIO token. They also support swapping crypto using the FIO protocol and FIO addresses (FIO names). No more having to cut and paste random strings of alphanumeric characters and hoping you did not make any costly mistakes.

3. supports swaps for the FIO token.

If all else fails you can contact us and we can help walk you through the process.

Swapping FIO is easy!

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