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FIO documents all of it’s development work in Github. You see and comment on all of the FIO Improvement Proposals (FIPs).

Here is the current list as of 9-17-2020

FIP-1FIO Domain/FIO Address transfer and data purgeAccepted
FIP-2Improvements to paging via APIAccepted
FIP-3Provide ability to cancel a request for fundsAccepted
FIP-4Provide ability to remove pub address from the FIO protocol for a userAccepted
FIP-5Enhanced privacyDraft
FIP-6Transfer locked tokensAccepted
FIP-7Provide ability to burn FIO AddressAccepted
FIP-8Public Address RequestDraft
FIP-9Allow voting and proxying without a FIO AddressAccepted
FIP-10Redesign Fee ComputationsAccepted
FIP-11Ehnhance bundled transaction usabilityAccepted
FIP-12Move action whitelisting into stateAccepted
FIP-13Ability to retrieve all public addresses for a FIO AddressAccepted
FIP-14Ensuring API response data integrity.Draft
FIP-15Chain and token code standardDraft


Everyone is encouraged to review existing FIPs and provide feedback.

FIP Process

  • If you’re not yet sure if your idea should a FIP, start by opening a Github issue and create your FIP draft there first to ask for feedback from the community.
  • To propose a FIP, fork this repository and create a pull request for your FIP with status Draft. The FIP number can remain undetermined at this stage. Use the fip-TEMPLATE.md file as your starting point and see Successful FIP includes for what a FIP should contain. Also, use existing FIPs as examples.
  • Repo custodians will review the FIP PR and comment. Once comments have been addressed, the FIP will be merged to Master with the status Draft.
  • Reach out to the community and solicit feedback on your FIP.
  • Continue to update your FIP based on community feedback and submit pull requests as needed. Once you feel the community has contributed and the FIP is ready, creare a pull request to update the status to Accepted.
  • Once repo custodians accept your FIP, you can code your solution and submit pull requests to the relevant repo.
  • After the code has been merged and deployed to Mainnet, the status will be changed to Final.

Discussing a FIP

Create an issue describing the FIP or section of a FIP you would like to open up for discussion. Assign it to the author of that FIP.

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