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FIO documents all of it’s development work in Github. You see and comment on all of the FIO Improvement Proposals (FIPs).

Here is the current list as of 9-17-2020

FIP-1FIO Domain/FIO Address transfer and data purgeAccepted
FIP-2Improvements to paging via APIAccepted
FIP-3Provide ability to cancel a request for fundsAccepted
FIP-4Provide ability to remove pub address from the FIO protocol for a userAccepted
FIP-5Enhanced privacyDraft
FIP-6Transfer locked tokensAccepted
FIP-7Provide ability to burn FIO AddressAccepted
FIP-8Public Address RequestDraft
FIP-9Allow voting and proxying without a FIO AddressAccepted
FIP-10Redesign Fee ComputationsAccepted
FIP-11Ehnhance bundled transaction usabilityAccepted
FIP-12Move action whitelisting into stateAccepted
FIP-13Ability to retrieve all public addresses for a FIO AddressAccepted
FIP-14Ensuring API response data integrity.Draft
FIP-15Chain and token code standardDraft


Everyone is encouraged to review existing FIPs and provide feedback.

FIP Process

  • If you’re not yet sure if your idea should a FIP, start by opening a Github issue and create your FIP draft there first to ask for feedback from the community.
  • To propose a FIP, fork this repository and create a pull request for your FIP with status Draft. The FIP number can remain undetermined at this stage. Use the file as your starting point and see Successful FIP includes for what a FIP should contain. Also, use existing FIPs as examples.
  • Repo custodians will review the FIP PR and comment. Once comments have been addressed, the FIP will be merged to Master with the status Draft.
  • Reach out to the community and solicit feedback on your FIP.
  • Continue to update your FIP based on community feedback and submit pull requests as needed. Once you feel the community has contributed and the FIP is ready, creare a pull request to update the status to Accepted.
  • Once repo custodians accept your FIP, you can code your solution and submit pull requests to the relevant repo.
  • After the code has been merged and deployed to Mainnet, the status will be changed to Final.

Discussing a FIP

Create an issue describing the FIP or section of a FIP you would like to open up for discussion. Assign it to the author of that FIP.

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