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Where is my BitMax Airdrop?!

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7-28-2020 update:

1 – Airdrop was distributed to ~19,500 individuals into their BitMax accounts (not trust wallet, edge wallet, etc)
2 – No, we’re not publicizing everyone’s email address. BitMax might do something, but that’s illegal
3 – If you didn’t receive an airdrop, there’s two main reasons – either BitMax flagged you as having multiple accounts, so they removed you from the airdrop. Also, if you failed to answer the quiz correctly, you also were removed. If you answered the quiz multiple times, you were still included in the airdrop – but your invalid entries were removed.

7-27-2020 update from FIO “FYI – BitMax Airdrop and Drawing update – we’ve finished sifting through the 40,000 rows of data! We’re working to get those tokens assigned ASAP, thanks for your patience!”

7-26-2020: According to the Telegram response(s) from BitMax & FIO there was a significant amount of people trying to cheat/scam by adding multiple accounts etc. With the large amount of participants it’s a time consuming process to clean out all of the garbage.

Here’s what I’m certain of, BitMax and the FIO team want to complete the airdrop as soon as they possibly can so please be patient! They want to be fair and get the tokens to all of the airdrop participants.

Hooray for the Airdrop!

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