The integration of the FIO Protocol by SecuX offers a more user-friendly and secure way to handle cryptocurrencies, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of the FIO Crypto Handle and custom domains.

SecuX, a well-known blockchain security company and manufacturer of cryptocurrency hardware wallets, has integrated the FIO Protocol in partnership with FIO. The FIO Protocol offers a more streamlined way to use cryptocurrencies while significantly reducing the risk of errors. SecuX users can now enjoy the benefits of the FIO Protocol by creating their own custom FIO Crypto Handle, which replaces the need to handle complex public wallet addresses. For instance, a user can create a simple and human-readable wallet name on the @secux domain, such as jane@secux.

In addition, SecuX users can create and purchase custom domains and custom Crypto Handles with their custom domains. This feature allows users to buy their last name as a domain and create custom crypto handles for each family member in the format of firstname@lastname.

SecuX has also integrated other functionalities such as FIO Send, FIO Receive, FIO Staking, and FIO token support. With FIO Send, users can easily withdraw and send any cryptocurrency without copying and pasting long string public addresses.

Instead, FIO Send replaces the long string public key address with a simple, human-readable address known as a FIO Crypto Handle, such as firstname@lastname or janedoe@secux.